I am on my lunch break at work and there is a lot on my mind. I am sure a lot of people will have the same thoughts as mine. I am thinking of the credit crunch in the United Kingdom, the job cuts, the prices of food going up and the cost of maintaining a family skyrocketing. I ask the question can one really find hope, a sense of purpose and peace of mind in all this.

Gordon Brown (I have nothing against him) obviously can’t proffer all the solutions as stated by the press. There is so much chaos on everyone’s mind, the analysts are predicting doom, and the knife/gun crimes are still in force, job losses are on the increase and there are several strikes springing up.

The big question is Can anyone find hope in this turmoil? Is it so unbearable? What’s the word of comfort for everyone particularly those who have experienced losses either in their jobs, homes or their child is no more due to a fracas.

Are these suggestions fickle and the usual positive sayings? The credit crunch has disarmed all spheres and sectors of life. It’s frustrating and where do you turn to? What do you do? Where do you go from here? These are the questions on everybody’s mind.

I don’t have all the answers to them neither do I have any solution to the credit crunch. I am not politically inclined or a financial expert to give any recommendations but my goal today is to address your mind, hearts and somehow point out a ray of hope.

This period may be a time for you to go back to projects you have abandoned, things you’ve disregarded, people you’ve let down, friends and family. It’s a time to pick up the pieces.

Here are my 5 suggestions for living in the economic crisis:


You need to plan your spending. Have a budget. Map out whatever things you want to get. What if you’ve lost your job in this entire crisis? You still need to plan and you may need to have a cut throat budget. Go for offers, supermarket brands, shop around and for now don’t buy what you don’t need.

If you have extra change carry it forward to the next shopping budget. Plan your time, what is outstanding? What are things that need to be done urgently? Why is there such a delay? This period learn learn to develop the habit of making plans.


Avoid panicking at every situation. Stay calm, get some rest and worry less. Let peace surround you by hanging around positive people, friends, family, people that add value to your life, motivate you and make you see the essence of existence.

There may so much noise or hype in the media, but pull yourself together and stay calm.



Communicating with people is crucial in tough times, so you don’t get bottled up. Talk to friends, family, a problem shared could be a problem eventually solved. Avoid thinking too much and start talking. It?s therapeutic in nature. Get some joy, laughter in the course of talking.


Once hope is lost, depression sets in. It is important to keep hope alive everyday no matter the situation. Low self esteem brings depression, lack of self confidence and pessimism.

How do you keep hope alive? Stay positive, be optimistic and see a bit of good in everything.


The cares of the world bring about frustration and it robs us of our peace joy and sleep. Take one day at a time. Do what you can do for the day to the best of your ability and continue from were you stopped the next day. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

I look forward to more helpful suggestions from readers.